The World is Flat

I recently read the book “The World is Flat” by Thomas L. Friedman. In this book, Friedman discusses the growing issue of globalization and how the world has been transformed into one interconnected, “flat” surface. Friedman looks at the points out the positives and negatives of a globalized world. He first discusses that with the world becoming more and more connected through new technologies and greater business interactions, we can see the impact that this has on the culture of different societies. The idea of globalization can be compared to Americanization, which describes the one-sided process of assimilating into the American way of life. With globalization occurring more rapidly, Friedman argues that different societies and cultures are coming into more contact with one another, which will potentially create frustration and significant problems. He points out that these problems come from freely expressing beliefs and thoughts and how these beliefs have come to impact certain closed societies who aren’t ready for change. On the other hand, Friedman argues that globalization gives the opportunity for people to preserve and enrich their culture instead of destroying it through these new forms of communication.

Globalization is rapidly becoming more and more of a reality. When we look at globalization from a sociological point of view, we can see the potential harm that it can create. The fear that globalization creates is that one’s own culture and values will be eventually fused into the overarching “global culture”. I personally believe that globalization will create a greater opportunity for people to enhance and maintain their own cultural beliefs. Globalization will create more contact between different cultures but it won’t destroy these values and beliefs. It will simply make people more aware of what others are accustomed to.

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