Montgomery 55 years ago

December 1, 1955 marks the anniversary which Rosa Parks refuse to give up her seat to a white man. But let’s take a closer look of that event. It was the culmination of years of work by many people. Parks was already a civil rights veteran, her husband, Richard had been active with her in the NAACP in Montgomery  since the 1940s. Also, at the time of the boycott, she was a secretary of the NACCP. Also, their were other boycotts, in other cities in the south, before Parks made her stand. Their were two other black women who had did the same thing earlier that year.  Their was Claudette Colvin who was 15, who also, refused to give up her seat to a white man and she also was arrested. This was on March of 1955, their was Mary Louise Smith who was 18, also arrested for refusing to give up her seat. But, you heard nothing about these ladies, because the NAACP said they were to young, also said they were to “dark-skinned and to poor” so with this statement did not support them. Which I, feel was wrong. Also they support Parks because she was more mature and light-skinned and was middle-class. What Iam saying is that this victory should not just belonged to Rosa Parks and Martin LUther King Jr. It should belonged to everyone who was involved in the struggle for civil rights and who suffered along the way.  “Yes, we should praise Ms. Rosa Parks on Dec 1, “. But Let’s also praise the other activists whom we forget to mythologize when it comes to the civil rights movement. Besides Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. their were alot of other people to.

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2 Responses to Montgomery 55 years ago

  1. missy40 says:

    Isn’t that funny the NAACP discriminated!! Against their own, how ignorant and hypricritical (sp?). I have read numerous articles on that time in 1955 and you are right….many….many black people were involved in the movement of freedom, however I believe it would be so difficult to name all names involved. I have to say though….Martin Luther King Jr..God Bless His Soul…was ultimately the role model for all people, not just African-American’s.

  2. acute73 says:

    Great points here! The bravery all of the people involved had during such a tumultuous time reminds me we should be standing up and speaking out a little more in the present. Even if not for ourselves, in support of others.

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