Raising Ethical Children

For the most part American’s have been able to embrace different cultures, religions and race, more so than any other Country in the world.  (presently!) However, having said that I also realize that not all people have accepted those that are different from them.  I believe it starts at home.  Children watch and observe their parents on a daily basis;their curious eyes and virgin ears, listen and see what goes on in their home.  Parents, siblings and grandparents have a responsibility to the younger child to help and guide them in the right direction, not just with rules, morals and values, but with acceptance and tolerance of others.  If a parent is racist, the child will be racist.  If the parent speaks negatively about gay people, then so will the child.  We cannot change America if we keep the same judgments and discriminate against people as our ancestors did.  I have been in numerous situations that a racist comment was said in front of my daughter, and I stood up for what I believed in; I believe that my daughter will emulate me and have respect for everyone, with no regard to color or race.  In addition she will respect me for standing up for what I believed was racist.  Parents have a duty to instill good morals and values; display good judgment and develop acceptance of all of our cultural differences.  Children look at us as role models; and we must not let them down.  I guarantee they will work in a very culturally-diversed atmosphere, and will already have learned acceptance because it was taught at home.  All of us are human beings, different color, unique looks and different views/religion.  There is no typical America, we are all Americans’ and we must respect one another and embrace our differences, so we can move on and dissolve the issues of racism, discrimination and ignorance.  The visciuos cycle will ultimately end at home.


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I'm pursuing a degree in Social Work.
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2 Responses to Raising Ethical Children

  1. acute73 says:

    I agree with your thoughts on this. I came across this situation recently when I had family over for dinner and I overheard my daughter talking about a “Black kid in class.” From the kitchen I reminded her that he is just a child in her class, the color of his skin was not relevant. As I rounded the corner, I saw my aunt’s jaw near the floor and my sister said “You are a really good mom.” This opened up a family conversation! It was nice to feel like the “Village” was helping raise my child on a good foundation.

  2. missy40 says:

    absolutely! It does take a village! When our kids are looking up to not just us but to all of our family, they need positive, non-racist, non-judgmental influences. Hopefully, this will turn around one day…but not anytime soon, unfortunately.

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