American Muslims

I found an intersting article on Americam Muslim. The author talks about how people come here to pracitce their freedoms like freedom of religion and how it is hard to fit in now if you are an americam muslim. He mentions the burning of the Quran and how muslims are mistreated. He is kind of saying that even thuogh some muslims did some bad things doesnt mean that all of them are bad. This reminds me of the Japanese camps after worl war two. These people were innocent and yet were ordered to go to camps because of s omething people of their country did. Its kinda like history is repeating itself. I personally think that we should have high security and really keep an eye out for anyone, however, i dont think it is right to burn someones religious book like the Quran. I dont think we would be happy if people of other religions bunred the Bible.


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