I think what we need is a good protest…….

Yep, I think that we need to be following the examples of other countries and take to the streets! When something here is not going the right way or when there is obvious corruption or wrongdoing at hand well then we should be out there protesting, using the RIGHTS that we have and many, many people Have DIED for. I think that we need to take back control of our government and let them know who they work for…WHO DOES NUMBER 2 WORK FOR!! lol I mean, the government is like a child, if you allow them to get away with murder well then they will. They only will change once the people who keep this place running stand up and make them change! I said, KEEP YOUR COINS! I WANT CHANGE!!!


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2 Responses to I think what we need is a good protest…….

  1. acute73 says:

    I agree we could use some extra protesting. I don’t know what it will change but at the least it will show the corrupt that we are watching and we don’t intend to stand for it!

  2. jasongardner says:

    Didn’t someone post a video about the student riots in England the other week? We should take a cue from them. The Europeans will protest over anything. But that’s what one should expect in a democracy. Most of my friends won’t even vote let alone take to the streets.

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