Lebron’s Return A Race Issue?

Lebron’s big return home was Thursday night and the media did its job in blowing it way out of proportion, but as I was flipping through the channels before the game I stopped on CBS to watch the weather.  After the weather they went to cut to commercial and that’s when I saw the reporter standing in the streets of downtown talking to the camera saying, “Lebron James return home is the negativity because of his race?”.  Needless to say I had to watch this report.  After listening to this “issue” the reporter proposed I almost hit the floor with laughter. The irrogance of some people to think that the negativity surrounding Lebron’s return to Cleveland had anything to do with race is absolutly positivly absurd.   The negative atmosphere Lebron returned to was due to a betrayed fan base that lost it’s so called king on national TV before the beginning of the NBA season it had nothing to do with that fact he is a black man.  So if anyone out there wants to object and agree with this reporter and say the negative reaction to Lebron’s return had something to do with his race please respond because I would LOVE to hear your take on this.

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2 Responses to Lebron’s Return A Race Issue?

  1. goldfish2010 says:

    That is just so wrong, we have so many different races here in Cleveland so its almost impossible to think that Lebron is hated for his race. Alot of people like our current basketball team and some of them are the same race as Lebron. That reporter was just trying to cause trouble and I dont think it really worked, everyone knows that Cleveland is mad at Lebrom for leaving the city on public television; and even tough O hate that he did it on public television, he is following he’s dream and people should just let it go. He is only human.

  2. acute73 says:

    I have nothing against news reports. However, in this case I would have to say I feel it was done to get people to “Tune In.” It wasn’t that he left Cleveland, it was the way he did it. Race was not and never has been an issue in his case.

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