Illegal Mexicans in Arizona

I read a great article about the Maricopa County Community District in Phoenix of illegally asking foreign nationals to show their Permanent Resident Cards, or “green cards,” before being offered jobs in the 10-college systems.  This law is a double edge sword. Now, if you  ask for a green card, to a  future employee, you violate the law. The fine for hiring an illegal Mexican is greater than the penalty for asking for proof of a green card. This is only going to make it harder for legal Mexican Americans to find jobs, because of the ethnic.

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One Response to Illegal Mexicans in Arizona

  1. goldfish2010 says:

    I think that if youre going to ask for resident cards, you should ask everyone. not only people who look different or who do not speak perfect english. Its only fair. Or maybe we should hire people to go to companies and make sure everyones legal, thats also fair and it would give people who are unemployed a job.

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