Hitler Facts

Recent scientist tested Adolph Hitler’s DNA and found that he descended from African and Jewish roots. History tells that he hated Jews because his family couldn’t afford to send him to art school. In the Jewish community they had everything. His hate started off as jealously and self-loathing. He wanted to feel their money and power. It’s also a known fact that his Jewish landlord took advantage of his mother and got her pregnant and left her. That’s another reason why he was so angry at the Jews.

I discussed this with some of my friends. They actually told me some of these and more Hitler facts. One of the guys in the discussion had a “moral” for these facts: “Parents, especially fathers need to raise, love, and take care of your kids right, because you never know what you can produce.” I thought this was an interesting statement but its not necessarily 100% true. No matter how hard you raise and teach your children to do right, there is still a slight possibility they can still turn out bad.

Of course, when you have an intelligent conversation there is always that one ignorant person in the group. This guy asked how did they find out that Hitler was Jewish and African, then went on to say “Did his cells look like dollar signs (Because Jews are portrayed as greedy) and sickles (Because black people are more prone of having Sickle Cell). *SIGH*

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