Race & Ethnic Relations

I was very fortunate to have had Mr. Flatt as a instructor for my Race & Ethics class. He was very informative and added real life stories to many issues we as American’s are facing together. Not to repost anything I already blogged about, I have to say my last post actually interpreted exactly the way I feel about the whole topic of race and injustices against people of different cultures. It does start at home; and educating the public about many issues they are unaware of is a step in the right direction. Family and education is so important. Unfortunately children in bad environments with “not so good” parents will NEVER go away, thus racism will always be around. It will take a village to correct the uneducated. Ignorant people will always be among us, walking on the same path, working side by side to us and sitting next to our kids in church. All we can do is rise above the ignorance that has plagued our Country for so many centuries and be proud we are Americans. Though we cannot escape our past, we can introduce the next generation a world where color, gender and race is not an issue; and respect for all will no longer be a distraction as we continue to build “true”unity.


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  1. ammu says:

    GREAT.. lets hope so:)

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