All Good Things Come To An End…

  Well i’m not sure if this was do this past week or if it is do at the end of this one, but all I know is i had to think long and hard before I posted something; so if I get a few points off its worth it because this blog comes from the heart.

     This semester we came into our Race and Ethnic Relations night class as strangers from all walks off life.  We had our different ideas, opinions, and viewpoints on all sorts of subjects.  An instead of being told to learn a certain way or conform to the thoughts and ideas of the teacher our teacher Michael Flatt came out and called on us to voice our opinions and cause debate.  Personally this class has been the best class I have ever taking and I am truly lucky to have shared this experience with all of you.  I came into this class thinking it was going to be a boring class about equality, but I came out with a better understanding on how different people view different topics concerning race, class, and ethnicity.  I’ve been in and out of the hospital through the course of this class and regardless the pain I was in I tried my best to make it in because the discussions and material we went over in class could not be obtained from some mere textbook, but could only be acquired through experience.  I want to thank Mr. Flatt on behalf of us all for challenging us to question and defend our views in a safe and secure classroom setting.  After every class I felt like my voice was heard regardless how much or how little I spoke and that meant the world to me.  I hope everyone can take something from this class and help apply it to their lives, because I know I will do my best to emmulate the ideas this class has instilled in me.  With that I wish everyone a Happy Holiday and I hope to see at least a few people continue to blog, because I plan on it and if i’m going to its gonna be worth blogging(even if your just signing on to read mine 😉 ). 

Take Care Everyone,

John Drotos aka DonkeyKong64

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One Response to All Good Things Come To An End…

  1. goldfish2010 says:

    Im glad you got so much out of this class, I thought it would be a class with lectures and reading but it was truly amazing. Everyone seemed very engaged in the debates and everyone had different ideas and opinions on all discussions.
    Have a good holiday as well!

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