Good Bye Everybody!

This course has taught me so much. Ive realized how much prejudice and discrimination is still out there. It also gave me a clear understanding on where are the minority groups stand here in the United States. I believe that more people should take this course at a younger age and not in college. We need to teach our children about racism and discrimination, when they learn young they willnot repeat the same mistakes alot of adults have done.

What made this class really anjoyable was the participation of the students and all the debates, it would be very boring if everyone was quiet. It also helped that the teacher was very outgoing and funny, this was not a boring class.

I have really enjoyed my time with all of you and I hope you have a great holiday!


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One Response to Good Bye Everybody!

  1. I have to agree with you that this class was a great experience and one that I enjoyed greatly when present. The feedback and dialouge of those in the class was great and the learning that took place will carry with me throughout not only my educational “life” but my real life as well! Take care and have a great holiday season everyone, see you tonight for the final!!

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