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I too enjoyed my Race and Ethnicity class.  It was refreshing to attend a class were I felt that the professor actually knew what they were talking about.  It is important that people educate their selves about our society and how we all function together.  It was interesting to hear all the different opinions in class and also be able to express some of my own. (Even though I sometimes got longwinded and bored the professor) j/k   I know that the level of prejudice goes down as the level of education goes up, so hopefully all of us in this class got a little more educated.  This will probably be my last blog so I wish all my readers the best.  Here is a song verse that seemed appropriate to end with…..

“Black is beautiful, white is so pure

Can we see a difference?  All I see’s a blur

Is one color a virtue how can you be sure”

Ignorance the disease education the cure


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2 Responses to Last Blog

  1. goldfish2010 says:

    I really like the poem above and I definantly have learned alot in this class. They need to teach these classes in middle or elemantry school…then the prejudice would really go down this world I believe.

  2. missy40 says:

    absolutely 100% agree!!

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