What Is An American??

There are many answers when asked what is an American? We as a society tend to put everyone in its own little category when in all actuality we are all the same. Of course we weren’t all born here but eventually we all work our way up in society and become one. Too many people complain at the immigration coming in and out of America but little do they know this is what fuels our economy. We as a nation need to be one to face all the other competitors of the world. While were over here arguing whets right and wrong; China is slowly taking over with the Europeans right behind. We need to stop thinking as I and start as We because we cant do it alone. We need the help from everyone in the U.S. We all came here for one reason and that was to be free. We need to quit labeling one another because it’s getting out of hand. We our one nation under God, not one ethnicity under God.
So when I’m asked what is a true American? My response will always be the same, “a true American is free, doesn’t discriminate, and will do whatever to help the nation evolve.” Enough is enough with the dominant and minority group. We need to be one because without that we have nothing!!!
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