Arizona Laws/Regulations

The law that Arizona is putting in place puts immigrants at even more of a disadvantage than before. Not only do they have to deal with the public outburst but now the police are going to be in their face. The law states that authority figures can at anytime stop someone who doesn’t look white and ask for proof of citizenship or some sort of papers declaring you legal. Now most of these immigrants came from some where much like this and that’s why they left. They only want equal rights and not to be pin pointed because their skin is a bit different. I mean this law pretty much makes discrimination legal and in my eyes that just isn’t right.
Many people in my family have a darker complexion so does this mean they will be getting pulled over when they visit family in Arizona? This is the most obsured thing I have heard and if it goes through and isn’t stopped I will feel 100% disrespected by the law. We have rights and we have fought for these rights and for someone to just step in and take these away makes you think, just how free are we??? I am all for stopping illegal immigration but give the people a chance who go about it the right way and make it. They only want what we have and that’s freedom to live as an individual and to be treated with respect from all.
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