Don’t ask, Don’t Tell

The don’t ask don’t tell policy the military is trying to push is absolutely ridiculous. Since when does liking the same-sex prohibit you from doing your everyday duties. I mean seriously, do these people sit back and think before some of these things are brought up at meetings. It doesn’t matter whether your straight, gay, or whatever your fetish is. If you want to be a part of something like the military they shouldn’t be able to tell you different. There has been plenty of gay troops throughout the years so why is it all coming out now. I’ll tell you why and I blame them for 90% of the issues we have today, the media is twisting everything out of per portion like it always does. Since when do you have to fill out on any application what your choice in sexual partners are. This is just another form of discrimination and it needs to just stop.
I feel that we can use whatever help we can get. We are fighting a never-ending battle with this issue just like race but when certain policies are put into place, it’s no wonder people back lash. Gays will have many more battles but I don’t think they ever thought military would be their biggest fight. I say let people do what they want, I know it isn’t affecting me or anyone around me so just let it be!!!!!
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