Gun-Rights bills

The Republicans want an legislative to vote on a bill that would allow people to carry guns into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. Do you believe this? An Rep name Danny bubp a Republican  from the southwest of Ohio, got 50 lawmakers to sign a petition that he brough to the floor in Columbus. But an Democratic name Rep Armond Budish said before he leaves his joj as speaker. He would make sure this lameduck legislative  session expire at the end of the year. So they would not have to vote on this bill. What this bill  239 would allow is, that if you have a firearm you would be able to carry it into family restaurants, bars and into open arenas.  It would also modify the concealed carry law to allow gun owners to travel in their vehicles with their firarms for you to see. If the Republicans pass  this bill it would be up to the restaurants and bars owners if they want firearms brough into their businesses and privately owned stadiums will have to make the same decision to. But Mr. Bubp who had sponsored legislation to the house said “he is very sure that this bill will even get a vote”

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