illeagal-immigrant students want door to college

This story is about girl name Marianna who was brough here illeagal by her parents from Mexico when she was six. She had no Social Security card, butas a high school student she had honors with college potential, in lake county where she lived. Here where reality hits: no matter how good she did in school, her career paths are close to her.  No fault of hers,  but she wears a scarlet letter that is  growing brighter. The Deveopment , relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, know as the Dream Act , would offer youths like Marianna a chance of getting  their citizenship. This is the bill that is being debated in Congress now. I feel this bill might have a better chance getting pass than the immigration reform bills. Because this bill will help the children become legal Americans and this would appeal to both Democrats and Repulicans.

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