What’s English

There is so much talk today about what the true national language is in The USA. It’s quite obvious that public opinion would say English. So many people get offended when in the prescence of someone speaking something other than english. When it boils down to it english will always be dominant language but with the diverse nation we live in today many more will follow. It will never be a case of spanish taking over and english speakers being the minority due to the fact that our founding fathers spoke this language and it has become a part of our culture. Our nation was founded on immigration and it is not stopping any time soon so we need to just deal with the facts that many languages will soon be a part of everyday life. You grow as a nation and you make life easier for everyone involved. There is nothing wrong with speaking different languages. If im not mistaking some of the smartest people in history have been multilingual. Times have changed and they are not slowing down so we need to stop worrying about why the ATM is in 10 different languages and start using these things to our advantage. A friend of mine is getting a ten thousand dollar a year raise just to learn basic spanish. At that rate I would learn every South American language there is!!

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