Women Reporters

There was a case not to long ago where a female reporter said she was sexually harassed in the locker room after the game. She stated that many rude comments were made and that the men were exposing themselves in a way that was unprofessional. Now don’t get me wrong I’m sure the guys were a bit worked up seeing a good-looking reporter in the locker room but she should expect this. You’re a woman in an all men sport not to mention some of the outfits she wears are pretty revealing. I played hockey and trust me we were terrible to our girl trainer but we never crossed that line. She knew what she was getting into. You can’t expect a bunch of guys to act like gentleman after playing a sport where you can cut the testosterone with a knife.
I am against women reporters and it has nothing to do with being a sexist pig. I’ve seen things in a locker room that I would never want my 3 sisters to witness let alone someone’s mom or wife. Men are men and will continue to act in a way that no one can understand, especially when dealing with sports. My advise to women trying for a reporting gig, “stay on the field and out of the locker rooms.”    
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