Wrong Time, Wrong Place

On Aug 21st of 2010 a scuffle broke out in the late hours at Velvet Dog on West 6th. Jason Ruiz who is an African-American accused police of racial profiling when they kicked him and his friends out of the bar at closing time. Surveillance video later cleared the police of any wrong doing and Ruiz was ordered by a judge to apologize. Ruiz neglected to do so and the judge residing his case would not approve his plea deal unless this one simple act was met. Now don’t get me wrong; im the first one to rise against authority but only when I’m 100% right. In this case Ruiz was wrong and should have just gave the apology in the first case. On Dec 7th Ruiz gave his apology and his plea deal was accepted.

My main problem with this story is what if there wasnt any surveillance or witnesses?? Would this officer have lost his job for doing his job?? Too many times this racial card is played and to be honest it is getting old. Now this officer will most likely be labeled racial and every one of his cases from here on out will be investigated. Now don’t get me wrong again, there are plenty of these cases where the police are wrong but not at 3am leaving a bar knowing your hammered drunk. There is a time and a place and in this case it was  definitely the wrong time and place.

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