A Post About Teachers

I know it has been awhile since we discussed the topic of education in class but I wanted to go back and hopefully rekindle some thought among my fellow colleagues. I know we discussed the topic of school integration and we looked at cases like Brown v. The Board of Education and traced the history of the Jim Crow laws and viewed the statistics on schooling and drop-out rates and how all of this affected the segregation and shaping of schools in American. I don’t want to discuss any of that, mainly due to the fact that we went over it already but what I do want to discuss is the idea of how society views teachers. Yes, we all have heard a countless number of people say something along the lines of, “teachers are very important in our society, their job is to further the learning of our children, our future.”  We might believe this on the surface but how many people in society actually mean what they are saying. We look at the government and see how America’s public school systems are falling apart with the legislatures not knowing how to rebuild the system. We look at how some parents are becoming less involved with their child’s education. We view how kids are becoming lazy and less attentive in the classroom. All of these things add up to depriving and hindering the “future” of America. So when it comes down to it, who gets the blame when a child doesn’t pass a test or even an entire grade? To answer this, we usually just have to look towards the teacher. I found it interesting to hear the opinions of others on this topic. I was recently standing in line at Starbucks when I overheard two mothers talking to one another. The one mom was explaining how she didn’t appreciate how her son’s teacher was purposely failing him in math. She went on to explain how it was the teacher’s fault that her child had fallen behind and didn’t understand the material. When the mom who was listening heard this she immediately agreed with woman’s remarks and came back with, “teachers just aren’t the same anymore, it doesn’t matter who is teaching our kids, they don’t make a difference.” Now I know this was just two people’s opinions on teachers but you have to believe that there are more people out there like this. If society has come to view teachers this way, then what is the point for students to go into the teacher profession? Is there really a point, I mean teachers don’t do or make anything right…?


I found my answer within this video:


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One Response to A Post About Teachers

  1. msnell2008 says:

    Many college graduates do not start out wanting to be teachers but rather find themselves jobless and desperate, therefor forced into accepting a teaching position. There is no passion in their teaching because they are still waiting for that dream job to come along and this is just a pit stop. If you are doing a job that you never intended to do with people that you never intended to spend your day with at a rate lower than you expected to make, you are not gonna give it your all. Students often fall victim to some adults deferred dream and are not TAUGHT, but rather dictated to and poorly educated.

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