Racial Imbalance

85 percent of the citations given out at RTA go to black riders. Spokeswomen for the RTA said that she cannot figure out why the citations are mostly being handed out to black people. The only reason she could come up with was the police being racist. All the statistics done show that a large percentage of black people have received the citations. There have been 260 or more black people arrested or cited each month.

                The increase in the total number of arrests and citations has been driven by change in the enforcement of fare evasions. The agency started handing out citations that forced scofflaws to pay court costs, instead of paying fines t the RTA. From all the court costs, none of the money goes to the RTA.

                All these citations being handed out to a majority of black people are not fair for all them. However, we cannot assume or say that it is because the cops are racist. If that was the case we would say that all the cops are racist, it would be impossible.  As we see in numbers 260 black people getting cited, it’s kind of abnormal.  There is no way that every single cop that comes in only cites the black people. I think they people should take control of their actions and start paying the fares.

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