The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts

This is exactly how I feel after being in this class.  We each brought knowledge and personal experience into this class.  That in turn, taught us all something else the book could never even begin to teach us.  I thought I had a good general understanding of society and ethnicities, cultures, races, and interactions.  I was so very wrong in assuming this.  To me, personal experience tells me so much more than any surveys or percentages that a book could provide.  Each person, having a unique upbringing compared to each other, brought something else to the table.  Everyone has their different views on every subject covered.  It is rare however, to find a place where everyones opinions can be stated in a civilized manner and received as well as be comfortable in hearing a rebuttal from a colleague.  This class as shown me, to never stop asking questions (Although, I personally won’t be asking any questions about bumper stickers).  Never stop saying, why does someone think this or that, what are their reasons?  Instead of having my first assumption about a reason, I will now look beyond and search deeper into societies reasons for things than I had ever thought I would.

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