West 6th Altercation

I recently came across a series of articles that describe how the issue of racism is still present in today’s society. The story surrounds an altercation between a Cleveland police officer and a young black man who was at a bar in the Warehouse District. The story first surfaced in the news due to the conflicting stories of the two men who were involved. Ruiz first stated that police officer Anthony Sauto brutality attacked him and threw him out of the club because he was black.  Sauto stated that he was simply trying to clear the club because it was closing. He went on to say that when Ruiz refused to leave he took action in escorting him out to the street. The story takes a turn when the Cleveland NAACP got involved and described the incident as an example of police abuse and racial intolerance in the city’s entertainment district. As it turns out, surveillance videos were uncovered and these videos show officer Sauto escorting Ruiz out of the club, Ruiz confronts Sauto and starts a physical confrontation with the officer. The video then shows Sauto trying to arrest Ruiz while Ruiz continues to resist. The video obviously supported Sauto’s story and the accusations were dropped. Ruiz had to publicly apologize to Sauto and is facing future chargers.

This story shows how accusations can be blown out of proportion due to someone’s race. Yes, I do believe that racism is still apparent in today’s society. I personally do not agree or support racist actions in any way. I just want to point out a few observations from this article. First, the only reason why this story surfaced in the news was because the confrontation was between a white police officer and a young black man. If the officer were trying to arrest a young white man then the article would have meant nothing to the public. Second, I believe that the only reason Ruiz played “the race card” was to try and get out of trouble. Ruiz knew he was in the fault and tried to get out of it by taking advantage of the color of his skin and the situation he was in. Third, the fact that the Cleveland NAACP jumped at the defense of Ruiz was just an opportunity for the group to try and defend their earlier claims that Cleveland club owners were racially profiling and restricting African Americans to enter their clubs. I believe these are very outrageous actions taken by all parties involved with this case. I don’t care what color you are, we as a society, talk about equality and civil rights but with actions and events like this one taking place, how can society as a whole change?


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