What did this class do for me?

During our last class, Professor Flatt asked us to blog about what this class has done or taught us. After a little thought, the thing that I will take away from this class is the idea of questioning other peoples beliefs or views. I know throughout the semester we went over the relationships that are brought together through race, ethnicity, gender, and class and how society deals with all of these aspects but the main conclusion that I have come to realize is that people can and will change if they are aware of what they are actually doing or saying. I personally never thought about the reason why people do or say certain things. I, like many others, usually just brushed off negative remarks that came out of the mouths of others as long as these remarks weren’t directly offending ourselves or the ones we care about. After being apart of this class, I now think about and question people on the grounds of why they said something or what caused a person to act in a certain way. I believe this has caused me to open up and realize the problems and issues that people can cause in everyday life. This class has also made me come to the conclusion that questioning someone’s motives is very important in determining why and how someone feels about a specific group, culture, race, or ethnicity. I believe that if more people question, more answer will be determined, and more change will occur.

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One Response to What did this class do for me?

  1. msnell2008 says:

    I used to hear people say that foreign people were often rude and pushy. In studying Sociology I found out the people from other coutntries often press their way forward to make purchases and there are no line systems that they use. This is a way of life for them and when they come to North America our line-systems seem foreign to them. I say all this to say that our cultural differences sometimes cause us to think that someone is being barbaric or rude and if we were to follow your example and think about why things happen the way they do we would be better off.

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