What I took away from this class

To be honest, this class was surprisingly difficult for me at times. Difficult to have an opinion other than, “racism is wrong and wouldn’t it be a perfect world if it didn’t happen”. Difficult to come up with things to say in class because it felt like anything I would have said would have just been beating a dead horse. I often thought “what’s the purpose of talking about all of this if we’re not coming up with a solution?” Everyone knows that racism and discrimination happens. But I started hearing facts and numbers that gave me a better look into something that I realized I don’t spend much time thinking about. This class helped me realize a lot about myself. I noticed right away that it was difficult for me to have an opinion like I said before, which sent me on a semester long quest to dissect why that it. Is it that my mom didn’t really teach me anything about the subject (to be racist or not racist)? Was it because I grew up in a white neighborhood? I’ve never really defined someone by their skin color that I’ve been aware of. I’m still tossing these ideas around trying to find a more defining answer. I am truly glad that this class wasn’t just full of facts and dates to spit back to the teacher on a test, but rather it was applicable to my life. I was able to look at my life and behavior through the concepts talked about in class. It was truly a pleasure to be in a class with such honest, quirky and funny people. A good experience.

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