Yes sir, indeed “idiot”

I was watching the news tonight and saw photos of a criminal that is standing trial for murder. John Doe (not his real name) had an image problem. That’s what neo-nazi tattoos will do for you. In a Florida courtroom, where Doe is being retried for murdering a female teenager, jurors won’t be seeing any of the defendant’s fashion art, which includes drawings of barbed wire on his face, according to MSNBC. Instead a judge ordered a makeup artist to cover up his proudly displayed art, that could threaten his defense… at taxpayers’ expense. Defense lawyers argued that the tattoos would have unfairly prejudiced the jury against their client. Prosecutors said the tattoos showed that the defendant was a violent man who was attracted to hate groups. And they are right! Are you kidding me?! This person/murderer is allowed to hide a part of him that shows exactly what kind of human being he is-a pig! And a murderer! He paid for those tattoos that he is so proud to display on his face and neck. He is a racist and he is prejudice! Defense lawyers wanted the judge to “hide” them so he wouldn’t be discriminated against…unbelievable. I’ll tell you this……..the one way we will change America is not voting for half of these jokers that call themselves JUDGES!


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