What it means to be Muslim?

What does it mean to be Muslim? Are Muslims considered terrorists? Is there a specific skin color or perhaps is arabic considered to be an ethinic group?
People define Islam as only a religion. They are people who beleive in Allah and who are strongly stricted with their females. They are terrorists, well atleast thats what media has emphasized.
After September 11th 2001, America was hit hard, the terrifying and horrible things that happened will never be forgotten,but was it the only country who was affected other than it being pyshical?Shouldn’t we also think about the trouble that was caused for all Muslim people. It killed thousands of people but it also caused every Muslim to lose there confidents and pride. Who wants to be known as a Muslim. How hard can it be to be a muslim female wearing the HIjab and be called terrorist. Or to be told to go back to your country, you dont belong here. To have a name sound arabic or Osama means you had some part of September 11th. It means that you were happy and proud of what Osama Bin Laden has done.The truth is no matter how much Muslims were against September 11th it really doesnt matter. No matter how much they have tried to show their sympathy to all the people that got hurt, it still doesnt matter because your name sounds arabic, you speak the language, and you follow the religion of Islam. Do people really know the meaning of terrorist?
Is there a specific skin color to be Muslim? We all imagine them as tan, or dark skin, dark eyes and hair, big nose, and not very attractive. That is what we think though!
Reality is, anyone can be Muslim, you can be any color, race and from any country. Its not about the appearence, its more of what you believe. It is a religion but it is also a complete way of life.
It is peace, mercy and forgiveness. When you walk into a hospital or clinic and they ask for your ethnicity, what do you say? Arabic is not considered a Ethnic group, so it only means that you are other. Ive always wondered why it was so important that we most ask for race and ethnicity. What difference does it make, aren’t people supposed to be equal, didnt the Declaration of Independence declare that all men are created equal. So why keep up with the questions, and what difference does it make?
History is what to thank. It taught us the down falls of what every nation has caused to others. It reminded us what African Americans were used as and let people think it was once okay. I believe that what history and even media shows is partially untrue, because every person wants to look better in anothers eye. Its what we are told and see that makes people think of other nations, race, and ethnicity of what they are and how they should be treated. People shouldnt judge because we are all created equal no matter your color.
I have learned today that you may look a certain way and seem like your from a specific culture but really aren’t. No one can predict that you are Muslim because of your skin color or what you wear, its almost impossible to assume that someone is what they seem. Appearence is only whats from the outside.

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2 Responses to What it means to be Muslim?

  1. stormy413 says:

    It a shame that people don’t have the knowledge that they should to differentiate between knowing that being Muslim is not a heritage. Anyone can be Muslim. Being Arabic however is totally different. There are still stigmas that every Arab is a Muslim especially after the fear of 9/11 had spread even still nowadays going to the degree of calling every Muslim or Arabic person a terrorist. After 9/11 Muslims and Arabs (or people who had Arab features) were considered the lowest and most discriminated minority. I fully agree with this article in every aspect. Everyone is equal, man, woman, black, white, gay, straight, bisexual, transgendered, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, and Arab. Whatever religion, race, or background, your appearance, it doesn’t matter. Hopefully in the future, people can coexist peacefully together and as equals and the United States can fully live up to its creed of everyone being equal and one.

  2. eman333 says:

    I agree with you as well, and I too hope that someday somehow there would be peace.

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