Maya Angelou and her opinion

After reading the article about the monument of Martin Luther King, I am torn.  Although I do believe that the monument is a bit much, I think Angelou has taken what the monument stands for overboard.  The concept of consturcting a memorail  in King’s honor is what should shine through.  The quote was taken from one of King’s sermons, and he was a man who spoke from his heart.  I’m actually glad they didn’t use his “I have a dream” speech. 

Being an author herself, Angelou should be able to look past the quote to the underlying meaning of what King was trying to portray.  Most Americans (and non-Americans) know who Martin Luther King was and what he stood for.  She should be celebrating his memorial, not looking for its flaws.  I bet if there was not a memorial constructed on his behalf, she would have something to say about that as well.  This, in my opinion, is the problem with most people.  We are constantly looking for something to complain about. 

If anything, I would think that King wouldn’t want a towering monument made of him.  He was a humble man, I would think that he would rather have the human race embracing his words and putting them into actions.  If I were Maya Angelou, this would outrage me more than a quote placed on his oversized and very expensive to construct mountain…I mean monument.

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