Being considered a minority in the U.S. is more than a full plate.  We are expected to fail miserably because of all of the stereotypes and for the people who do succeed, we are expected to reach the stars within one try or we will not be considered anything.  There are many minorities that are just turned down from the start and their dreams are crushed. There are others that do not even try because they do not have the confidence to do things by themselves.  What about the people who want to be better than their parents, but because of their family’s mistakes they do not have the chance to start new and are expected to bring their family out of the hole that they have dug in themselves?  Because of the mistakes that others have done in the past, minorities are given a label and we have no way of getting out of it.

What are the stereotypes? Well I am sure that everyone has heard of Hispanics just growing up to be cleaners, gardeners and carpenters. They jump the border, or come in with banana boats through Florida.  African Americans are monkeys, ghetto, lazy and always start problems.  Asians are smart and are good at everything.

Who are we to say things about these people?  Why can’t we just be the equal people that we are supposedly said to be?  Why do people take advantage and have their judgement based on their ethnic background?  Has anyone ever thought about how people are all different, but they still have feelings?  Minorities still feel victimized and upset, just as anyone else would if they were to be put down or insulted.  We all have our goals in life.  We all have dreams of being someone important.  We all just want to be free to say our opinion without people generalizing.  Everyone just wants to be “normal” and live life in peace.

Nowadays, things are changing little by little.  We may have people that are being harassed and beaten in some regions like the old days, but other minorities are getting the opportunities that we would have never gotten a few years ago.  We are getting scholarships for being minorities, promotions for being bilingual, especially for speaking Spanish and other opportunities that are leading to bigger and better futures for us.  Some people like President Barack Obama and Sonia Sotomayor have made it so that minorities do not give up, and pursue their dreams.  The questions is…will you?

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One Response to Minorities

  1. erinspage1234 says:

    I am not a minority, however, I know that they still face many challenges today. Times are changing and people’s opinions are shifting but there are still ignorant people out there who will continue to express their skewed views. With the election of President Obama, changed America and marked a new beginning for our history. I believe that as the years progress, we will hopefully become more understanding and accepting of other cultures. We need to remember that America is a “melting pot” and that it takes all kinds of people to make our country unique and interesting. Without all the different cultures and unique individuals in our country, America would not be what it is today.

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