Standing out as a Minority (Hispanics)

I was talking to a former co-worker whom was telling me about how the company that they work for has been growing and expanding there Spanish Department. They work with consumers and the products that the company produces. When I first started with the company the department only had 3 Hispanics in the entire department. The department has over 150 representatives. Currently the Spanish department has a total of 15 Spanish speaking representatives. While speaking to my former co-worker he was telling me that he is ready to leave the company. He was saying that he wants to stand out some where there is only very few minorities (Puerto Ricans). As he continued to talk to me he was saying he wants to leave Cleveland entirely and move to another city that does not have Hispanics. I said to him “why are you being so racial about things, why cant you just stand out with in the department you currently work for and see if you can move up the ladder”. Why can just everyone be happy with whom they are and where they are going in life

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