Scuffle at Rye Playland

After reading the article about the Muslim gathering at Rye Playland in New York, I have many different thoughts. I can honestly see both sides of the story- or at least I first could.

There was an organized get together for the Muslim people to celebrate the end of Ramadan. It was supposed to be a nice time, until miscommunication about specific rules came about. Certain rides didn’t allow head gear, which causes a lot of conflict considering Muslim women are to wear hajibs.

Soon enough chaos began to unfold between the people attending the event and the police. It ended in a lot of he said, she said, but it seems to me that the police were dramatic about the situation. Although the attendees were warned about the head gear rule, which is made for the safety of everyone, I’m confused at to what they expected the women to do. It’s a part of their religion, culture, and lifestyle to wear a hajib. It seems unfair to me that the police ended up getting so rough with the people. I think they could have been a lot more patient and understanding about the situation. I was glad to at least read at the end that many received refunds after leaving.

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2 Responses to Scuffle at Rye Playland

  1. dcoleman03 says:

    In my opinion it’s hard to get a complete understanding of what occurred that day at Rye Playland. At times I do believe police officers become “authority happy” but because the Muslim women became so upset (perhaps hostile) about the situation, possibly the cop was trying to protect himself. The way the situation was described in the article was hard to flow because one person was trying to explain their side of the story and then the next explained their version. The park official says the rule was made clear,but where was this information provided and how are they sure that everyone was fully aware of the rules? In my post I suggested that there be a waiver signed upon arrival stating there will be no refunds and explain the rules and regulations of the park. Do you believe that there should be a hijab exception to the Rye Playland rule against head gear?

  2. playboyroma says:

    I believe that yeah they should make an exeption or at least not consider hijab as part of the band because that ties into their form of religion on how they are suppose to act as women in their culture. Also a big factor is the large amount of Muslim people living in or around the area which would bring in business for the amusement park if the band had an exception for hijab. And whoever made the band was obviously not thinking of the large amounts of business that the company is missing out on.

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