Safety, does it mean anything?

Couple years ago I worked during the summer at Cedar Point. This amusement park is known from having one of the biggest, longest, and fastest roller coasters in the world. I had to finish special safety training and our supervisors were very demanding about rules and safety guideline while driving on roller coaster.

Maybe because I am white and I have never had to apologize or excuse for my race or skin color. I don’t understand why some people always blame on something that regards their religion, skin color, etc. While I was reading an article about Muslims, police scuffle at Rye Playland I realized that Dena Meawad said “It’s is clear, this all happened because we’re Muslim.” In my opinion this is totally not true.

I haven’t seen any special rules for black, white, yellow, Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, etc. In every amusement park the safety rules are the same. Nobody wants any accident especially when so many people are involved.

The amusement park is a fun place for entire family so the safety rules are very, very important. In addition I think if you were aggressive plus having arguments at any public places you would be arrested as well. The Meawad family was getting very aggressive with park rangers so that is why they got arrested.

For me there was nothing more important and relaxing that leaving a shift with no accidents recorded in a log book.

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