Rye Playland Scuffle

After reading this article there are definetly two different views that people see. The first thing you notice is the police brutality and how racial tension still plays a role in the tolerence of Muslims in New York. And the second view which is probably less favored is that these women were wrong and should of followed the rules which are set for all people not just Muslims.

I believe that the police brutality is a bit over emphasized and actually these cops were doing there job after being harrased and threatened by all family members joining together to try and undermine the band. The band was put into effect because the park officials did not want hats and other objects flying off peoples heads and falling on the tracks of the coasters. First off the Muslim American Society of New York should of done some research before inviting over three thousand people to a park that had a head scarff and hat band. Obviously whoever was in charge of organizing did a poor job. Secondly, the band was put in effect three years ago. Thats not anywhere close to 9/11 and it applies to all people not just Muslims. Going Back to police brutality which i believe is over emphasized a lot because when you have crowds of people mad at you for arresting their relative or friend, you as the cop will definetly try to protect yourself and do your job all at once. Did anyone ever put themselves in that cop’s shoes and ask yourselves what would i do if that was me in the middle of a lot of angry people that just spend money on the park and can’t ride the rides.

Honestly this just came to me but its partially the park’s fault for knowing that many Muslims live in that area and not put the band in their advertising. The article clearly states that this family members tried to go against the cops and tried helping one one because they wanted to start a fuss over something that happened three years ago. I believe that cops did what they had to keep order in a public place.

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