Assimilation is considered by many to be the ultimate goal. However, every individual or group has an unique identity. Throughout history these differences have been used to divide and conquer. Differences in physicalities, cultures, and customs have been used as measures of intelligence or savagery. There have always been losers, and there have always been winners. When a minority group capitulates to the pressure exerted by a dominant culture, that group is assimilating. This group has decided that oppression and suppression is more tolerable than individuality.

When minority groups or individuals assimilate into dominant groups, they are essentially stating that their own identity is of little value; therefore, it can be given up with little to no consequence. Many groups buy into the ideal of assimilation without realizing the purpose of unique identities. Identities come in many variations. Variations exist to show the depth of the universe. Variations should be celebrated, not shunned. People should not die because they are unique individuals. People should not be marginalized because they do not fit into the monotony of society. All individuals should be respected because they are human beings.¬†Multiculturalism is ideal. This principle respects variations between groups, without alienating or subjugating a group. Under this principle, all individuals will respect one another for their variations. Multiculturalism–mutual understanding–will bring us together.

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