A world of Hate Crimes

Reading the two articles about hate crimes make me think,…”what has our world come to and where is it going?” A group of people, “drunk” people indeed, but still responsible for their actions in my opinion out on a prowl? What were their intentions? The perpetrator that claims they didn’t preplan the attack, yet committed the crime, why? It’s hard to think that people sit around and plan vicious and gruesome attacks such as the murders of Byrd and Anderson, but the fact that a so called “beer run” ended with such a horrendous attack makes it hard to believe that the incident wasn’t premeditated. Could the victim, one black male alone really have angered a group of people to cause this type of retaliation? Over whelmed with questions? I would be too, just imagine how the families of Anderson, Byrd the perpetrators and the people working the cases must feel. I was glad to hear two things about the Anderson case. First, that his family asked that capital punishment not be used and that The Southern Poverty Law Center is assisting the families lawyer Winton Thompson with their lawsuit. It is important that all the evidence be brought out on the table. All seven adults may not have committed the crime, but standing there and watching and possibly provoking the incident doesn’t quite classify you as an innocent bystander. Capital punishment, what does that solve? Does it really provide justice for victims and their families? In my opinion, NO, perpetrators are given the easy way out. Yes, they suffer while awaiting the day the are executed but once it’s started its pretty much over. Unlike a life sentence in prison where you spend day after day being miserable. The way Justice should be served varies from person to person. Some families believe perpetrators should be punished similar to the way their victims suffered and others believe prison time is sufficient.

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