Native Americans and their Health

I was watching a program on WVIZ World one day, and it was called “Good Meat”.  It was about the Native Americans today and their declining health.  Native Americans have a very high rate of diabetes which is killing a lot of their people.  At first when I heard this, I was a bit biased only because I know that diabetes is reversable if you are healthy and eat properly.  So I continued to watch.  What the program showed me was that it is not their fault for eating poorly. 

We have driven these people to small reservations to where we have depleated their natural resources.  Because of the lack of resources, they are not able to grow crops or hunt the way that they had.  This was the only way that they knew to survive.  So, because of the fact that we have taken their resources, the government was given grants to supply them food.  The food that they were given was the processed, sugar filled foods with no nutritional value.  The program even mentions  that there are no chain  grocery stores near by, so they must go to the tiny market that only gets a shipment of fresh produce once a week, which is not much.  It also mentioned that many of the tribe elders are sick with diabetes and they are just waiting to die. 

Finally, the government granted this tribe access to the water that was blocked by a dam that had cut off their water supply for years.  They were able to grow crops again, and irrigate the land to be able to eat healthier. 

It was sad to me that the government could do that to a group of people and think that they were doing good by giving them a bunch of junk to eat.  There has got to be a better way for the government to provide accomodations to its citizens.

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