Yet I dream of a day….

Being Palestinian-American there is nothing in this world that I can imagine more euphoric than the reality of a Palestinian State. A country living in peace and security side by side with Israel. For Jews and Palestinians to get along and live together as suggested by their genetic closeness. But then true reality sets in and I realize that after 60 years of brutal occupation by the hands of the Israeli government. You notice I didn’t generalize Israelis as a whole because the idea of having peace  with the Palestinians is a highly contested issue in Israel. Almost half of Israelis want peace and the other half are a bunch of religious fanatics, much like their cousins the Palestinians. Unfortunately the fanatics on both sides are usually the ones that determine the future of this highly contested land that is holy to all of the monotheistic religions. For Palestinians to receive a nation state that they can walk freely without checkpoints. A land where they have access to things Americans take for granted like stable shelter, gas, electricity and even water. Most importantly Self Determination, something a patriotic citizen of any country should have. And for the Israelis to constantly feel like they have to be aware in case total disaster strikes the Jewish state. To have to be a Military driven state where every firecracker could be a gun shot or a bomb. The feeling of peace and security that has infinite worth. On day, god willing I will see this. One day… Inshallah (God willing in Arabic)

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