Race and Assimilation

It seems like the more our society advances both technologically and medically, that we as people would evolve emotionally. This however, does not seem to be the case. In our modern age, one would think that we could overlook our differences and put them to rest. The more I see individuals interact with each other, the more I am sickened by people’s down right ignorance. Why are people so afraid of what they don’t understand? This question has been circling around my mind all week. It’s like we only want people around us who act, think, dress and speak like we do. What does it take to open our minds’ and hearts’ to those around us who are unlike us? In my opinion, we need to all step back and evaluate how we judge individuals based off of sheer superficiality and start to base our interpretations off of merit. Assimilation, in my opinion, is not a good thing because then we all become the same. I enjoy interacting with people that have had different upbringings and beliefs than i do. If total assimilation were to happen, we would all celebrate the same cultures and values and that is simply boring. I want to live in a country that appreciates and demands it’s citizens to be who they are. America was founded on freedom and the right to choose our own destiny but it seems like the America we live in today, wants to choose our identities for us. In the future, I would like to see our country come together so that we can share our cultures, beliefs and values. Our unique differences is what makes our country so interesting and unlike any other in the world, to take that away would be unAmerican and a tragedy to our society.

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