We are the same, though different in color

As a society in the 21st century which underwent so many wars, it is very difficult to understand that hate crimes still happen. Lives were lost since the beginning of this country, ethnicity became secondary just to have its independence, there was unity among all colors for this country to become what it is today, but it is so sad that everything seems to have been forgotten. There are people who still hate others because they are different.
Hate becomes more important than life itself. Lives are lost because of reasons that are hard to comprehend. It is very difficult to put ourselves in their shoes to know the reasons behind it. In the end, not just one life is lost, but more, because this life is paid with another. Dreams are lost and families suffer. I just hope that as a human being, who is created with understanding and most of all to love, everyone will be able to accept that we are all the same people though different in color.

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