Affirmative inequality?

As I am reading some of these blogs I do agree with a lot people on the things they were saying, however when it comes  to discussing how equally people are looked at in this country I disagree in certain ways. Today our society is based on individual freedom in which everybody has a fair chance to succeed and prosper. Some people might say it is still a huge problem in today, but the truth is that we have fought hard since the civil rights movement, fighting for womens’ rights, and even to this day how we are trying to fight for gay and lesbian rights. I am not saying that all of the problems are solved or even close to being solved, but that we are still a work in progress and things can not be fixed in a decade. But people are trying to get past the things that happened in the past and look at each other as brothers and sisters no matter race, religion, or preferences you may have. With these problems, however, came new problems. For example, affirmative action. People now argue that white males are now the most discriminated against of everyone. In our society today i believe that we need to abolish all affirmative action policies in order to take the next step forward into treating everybody equally. It is almost racist for certain social classes or races to believe they need the extra help for schooling, getting a job, or whatever it may be. But in my opinion by holding on to the things that have happened in the past they are the ones holding back equality for everyone. It is interesting that affirmative action is designed to give minorities more equality but they are actually creating unequal chances for everyone. Like what was discussed in the Monday night class, the world is constantly changing and accepting new things that at one point in time might have sounded crazy. I think the next step to be treated as equals is to forget about what happened to past generations and just enjoying the freedoms we all have has Americans today.

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One Response to Affirmative inequality?

  1. playboyroma says:

    I completely agree with you because this is a great country that has rights and freedoms like no other out there! If other places were so great people wouldn’t be flocking here from every nation. Life is just too short and you only live it once! People forget that sometimes and don’t stop to appreciate life and all the wonderful things that are available to us especially in this great country!

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