Hate Crimes Still In Existance

Do you ever wonder why white’s are the only ones charged with hate crimes! Why aren’t blacks ever charged with any toward white people? After reading this does anyone ever wonder why this hatred is expressed in such graphic ways? Actually i take it back because in the end of 2010 i believe three black guys shot the two white guys execution style in the back of a bar. Blacks do commit hate crimes exept we don’t call them hate crimes we call them simply murder. It’s just that jail’s now a days are extremely over populated with black people, that when a black guy kills a white guy it doesn’t even make it to the news because it happens so often.
To me it just seems that with all the media and the way the US news system is set up, black people are looked down upon because of their racial profile.  I think a lot of people believe that African Americans, not all just some, act the way they do is because it’s in their nature which makes them seem like animals.  So when a black man kills a white man it’s okay because “it’s just how things are” and it is looked at as a norm because we are used to blacks killing each other and who ever else just happens to be in their way.  It is unbelievably depressing how this world is set up.  I believe that without God racism will never fade.

What kind of white people commit hate crimes?  In most cases if not all we call them “white trash” because they are usually alcoholics or heavy drinkers who are on welfare and are full of hatred to something, to either each other, blacks, foreigners, government, or someone not pleasing them that day.  And it just happends that a majority are southerners who lost the Civil War and hate the fact that they have to work for themselves and others aren’t doing their dirty work.  You never see someone raised in a christian family who knows God and their life revolves around God commiting a hate crime.  Why?  Because the way you live your life has a lot to do with the way you were raised! I know college changes a lot of that but somethings are still retained in the back of your mind.  Even though we as christians aren’t perfect, but a lot of this stuff going on in this world today i believe, wouldn’t have happened if people knew God.


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