Maybe one day people will learn…

Electoral racism is something trending these days and people are voting like morons because of it.  Just because the President is black, does not make his/her qualifications go down the drain, right? More and more people today vote based off the looks of those running in the presidential election and that is why our country is hurting today.  I have known many of people that are goofy looking, a different color than I am, or even speak a whole different language then me; but they are still highly educated individuals and they deserve the same chance as everybody else.  Voting in the United States today makes me sick, and that is the main reason I can not talk to anybody about politics.  More people than not, are uneducated and they think they know what they are talking about because they “heard the other guy that one time” or “the news said so it must be true.”  This sickens me.  People need to learn how to vote on their own and look into what the candidate is really about.  Just because they are a different race than the majority of the population does not mean they can not do any good for our country.  Odds are, the wealthy, middle aged, white man that grew up in money pits and went to a state of the art school, are the ones who won’t do much because they were given everything their whole life and they seem to be the ones who always get picked for things. Then you get the black, middle aged man, that grew up poor, and had to go through an inner city school district, whom studied as hard as he can and worked day after day to be the achieved one, but he doesn’t get picked because he did not have enough money to buy a TV commercial every other second.  So what I am getting at, is look into people for who they are and what they have to offer.  Don’t vote for someone based off the way they look, the color of their skin, the commercials they are in, the amounts of people that you hear liking them; just vote smart people!

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