Over the summer there was a large fair in Coventry where people came to enjoy food, shop, and listen to music.  During this weekend of festivities a large mob of blacks came to fair and started pushing people over, yelling profanities and bystanders, and starting fights.  Many people were arrested when this happened, primarily black males.

Due to this Cleveland Heights had enforced a curfew for minors under the age of 18.  If you are under the age of 18 you cannot be in downtown coventry after 6 p.m. without being accompanied by a parent or guardian.  There are exceptions to this curfew such as minors working, going to the library, or being there for something related to school.

People in this area are split between agreeing with this curfew and being upset with this.   Many agreed that something needed to be done about these riots and large groups of people coming in and starting trouble, but many people felt that this was put into effect due to the riots and fights being started by black teens.

How do you feel about this curfew that was enforced?  Is it fair for the teens who don’t cause trouble?  This is a large gathering place for many teens to socialize and spend their weekends hanging out with friends, going shopping, and going out to eat, should this be taken away?


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