What defines a “____ – American”

It’s hard to define the idea of what to call people. We consider black people “african americans”, even though they may not be from africa, we call mexican immigrants “mexican-americans”, but what do we call their children that were born in the US? It’s a tough thought to wrap your head around, at what point do you draw the line? What qualifies you to be a “____-american”, or would you even like to be referred to as that. People try to think of what is politically correct, but the truth is there is no way to make everyone happy. As I grow older it becomes more evident to me that the line is getting harder and harder to define. Are we better off just calling everyone who lives here permanently “American?” I would be fine with that, but there are others who would disagree.

Although the idea of making everyone out to be an “American” might not be the worst idea. It may help relieve racial tension in some ways. Consider marking either “American” or “Immigrant” on a standardized test or government form. It could help to dispel any ideas of unfairness towards one race or another and this process would grade everyone racially equally and would allow those who scored the best to receiver opportunities based on merit. I realize this isn’t in accordance with affirmative action, but even some  may think that the system we already have is too flawed.

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