Why do People think Black People have higher Crime rates than White People!?

Resolved Question: Why do People think Black People have higher Crime rates than White People!?

For instance, lots of people use statistics to ‘prove’ blacks commit 
more crimes than whites. However, their argument is flawed because they only look at the crimes blacks typically commit. They ignore white collar crime like identity theft, embezzlement, toxic dumping, corporate crimes, real estate fraud etc. Also,the fact that black communities tend to generally have lower income levels in comparison to whites means it is to be expected that certain crimes would be commited more often within their communities, which would be the case for any group of people.

The argument is bunk. In fact, when you measure the crimes by the amount of damage the crimes create in terms of dollars lost and human suffering, the exact opposit is true. Whites are responsible for the vast majority of crimes done to society.

Best defense Learn statistics and use them correctly and fairly

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One Response to Why do People think Black People have higher Crime rates than White People!?

  1. stormy413 says:

    I agree to a certain point with this post. Although I think it’s unfair to say that one race may be committing more crimes than another, I do think that there is an extreme case of racial profiling here in America. For instance there seems to be a higher presence of police officers in predominantly black areas, whereas in predominantly white areas, there aren’t nearly as much. Now one might argue that there is more crime in the black areas due to drugs, and violence, however people tend to turn a blind eye to the white communities who could be doing just as much crime but will go unnoticed. The notion is that there are more police officers in central Cleveland in the areas of Hough and East 55th than there are in Westlake or Strongsville.

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