Texas dragging

In 1998 white supremacist Lawrence Russel Brewer, along with two other men dragged a black man by the name of James Byrde Jr. to his death. Byrde was attached to a twenty-four  foot chain and dragged for three miles behind a pickup truck until his remains were nearly unrecognizable as a human being.

After twelve years Lawrence Brewer was finally put to death for his crime. It is hard to believe that such horrific hate crimes still exist. It is beyond my understanding how another person can justify the idea of harming another human being in such a despicable way. As a former scout leader, I was required to take diversity training, and teach the program to my scouts. Maybe this could be taken to the schools. I have known many educators at the elementary school level who used their classrooms as a place to teach such lessons. However, this was not a requirement of the school system. Diversity and Ethnic Relations could be revamped and taught to children at their age appropriate level.  Just a thought.

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