Interracial Couples

In regards to the news article about the black and white twins Professor Flatt sent us most recently, does anyone find it curious that the doctor says the twins are different skin colors because of the father’s origin? We discussed in class how there is no genetic difference between races, which leads us to the challenge of trying to define what exactly “race” is, so how can Dr. Wilson attempt to explain the skin tone differences through the father’s country of origin? I don’t think a set of twins with different skin colors is really worth reporting. Twins are born all the time with opposing personalities, hair colors, body types, etc. Why not skin color?

When I was younger, someone I knew said she was against interracial couples because it would be “hard for the children”, but I think that’s ridiculous. Hopefully we’re growing into an era where nothing like this would be “hard for the children”, and people will accept any sort of genetic differences between siblings, or between a child and his parents.

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