Think before you “prejudge”.

In class on Tuesday, Mr. Flatt said that in terms of relations with other people you, “…get what you give.” In other words, if I were to treat somebody like they were the scum of the earth, there would be a pretty healthy chance that person will inadvertently live up to that image. What Mr. Flatt said is incredibly accurate. I work in retail, and I interact with people from all walks of life. The area where the store I work is located at is a lower income area. The items are sell are NOT essential to a person’s well being. However, I have a job to do so I do it. I digress. The reason for this blog is to talk about how the ways you treat and act towards somebody is a pretty good indicator of what you get in return.
There are a particular set of customers that come into my store. They are young, black males. I would wager that more often than not they get treated like trash in most stores they go into. A scene from Menace II Society plays in my head when I think of them. A young black male goes into a convience store that is own my some Asians. The lady behind the counter quickly labels them potential trouble in her mind and tells the customer, “Hurry up and buy!” Maybe it was from experiences she has had in the past, but that lady did not give even a seconds thought about labeling that individual. Granted, that example was from a movie, but I am in similar situations all the time. Going back to the customers that I encountered, they were prime for a label. A fellow co-worker of mine would’ve been quick to label them potential thieves and trouble. This is due to the color of their skin. That is a sad statement for me to make, but it is true. I am not my co-worker. The color of a person’s skin means nothing to me. Everybody gets a fair shake until they prove that they don’t deserve one. I treated these kids like I would with anybody else. I didn’t talk down to them. I didn’t follow them around the store with a suspicious gaze. I wasn’t rude with them. I talked to them like the humans they are, and they were treated the same. These kids turned out to be some of the best customers I work with almost weekly. The point is: no matter what color a person skin is, what religion they follow, what cultures they are from, what their sex is, or who they have sex with, everybody is the same. We all want the same things from life. We all deserve to be happy and to have the best possible life we can have. The second you have a preconceived notion about somebody, you are stripping from them their right to be happy and equality.

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