Obama Speech

In regards to the article Professor Flatt sent us about President Obama speaking to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation; I personally feel that his speech was inappropriate. I understand the need or want to “get on the same level” as your audience, but really? Wouldn’t it be considered a stereotype to say that all African Americans drop their g’s? I’m pretty sure doing that, did not make anyone feel comfortable, or like the President was “one of us.” I understand that to campaign there is a need to change your behavior to the crowd your talking to, but how far does this go? Would it be appropriate for him to talk in ebonics? Dropping the ‘g’ on words while speaking to a group of African Americans is no different than adding an ‘o’ at the end of every word while talking to a group of Hispanics. The President should be promoting equality, and speaking to all groups, no matter what race or gender, in the same way. Treat the people of this country as one.

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